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[Graduate School of Korean Studies] Student admission guide for Fall semester
14/04/2017 GMT+7

Hi, this is Sujin Yeo from the Graduate School of Korean Studies (GSKS) under the Academy of Korean Studies (AKS.)

The international students who are interested in Korean Studies can now apply for our 2017 Fall semester on MA and PhD degree program.


For International Students (Degree program),

Tuition fees are fully waived for international students.

The Government Grant of KRW750,000 per month is provided to selected international students.

Free Korean language courses are provided to assist international students with academic writing, presentations and discussions as well as communication skills.

◦ On-campus dormitory accommodations are available at the rate of KRW477,400 per semester, double occupancy.

◦ A 4:1 student-faculty ratio enables close one-to-one guidance of students by professors.

◦ Various kinds of courses are available including major-specific courses, interdisciplinary courses, independent study with student's own topic and research plans, and fieldwork. Students can also earn credits by publishing articles in accredited academic journals.


For more detailed information, please refer to the link below.

Khoa Hàn Quốc học - Faculty of Korean Studies - 한국학부
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